Instructions for Selection, Installation and Mounting

The life time of metal hose will increase when following instructions are followed:

  • Select the proper hose type
  • Select the right fittings
  • Do not overbend the hose
  • Do not torque a corrugated metal hose
  • Avoid scratching over rough surface
  • Avoid exposure to weld or grinding splatters
Hose selection

When you select a metal hose the following considerations should be made:

  • Pressure capacity:
  • The pressure capacity of metal hoses decreases at higher temperatures.

  • Temperature influence:
  • Correct the working pressure with the temperature correction factors which are indicated in this catalog.

  • Handling:
  • Rough handling may require a heavier pressure class hose than the pressure capacity indicates.

Fitting selection

Whenever possible select at least one swivel fittings or a floating flange. This avoids torsions problems during mounting.


Avoid overbending, specially close to the fittings. Install the hose in its most natural position, free of kinds and sharp bends.


Torsion can give dramatic consequences on the life of a corrugated metal hose. Torsion occurs when the movements are not in the same plane as the fittings. Use two keys when swivel nuts. Note: Stripwound hose can absorb some torsion.


The braiding is the essential part of a hose assembly to withstand the internal pressure. A damaged braid diminishes the pressure capacity of the assembly and is detrimental to its function.


Weld or grind splatters may lead to corrosion of the stainless steel parts. Use a heat proof shield during welding or grinding in the proximity of metal hoses.


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